February 11, 2010

Large Valentine's Day Banner

Well here it is, Banner 2 of 2 ;) This was a fun banner to make, and I am in love with it!

I started with buying a pack of 10 heart shaped doilies from the Dollar Tree! Yes, the Dollar Tree! I bought a pack of Red and a pack of white.

I used my stencils and drew out the letters, B E M I N E. I then traced the letters onto the hearts, alternating colors.
After that, I cut the letters out, leaving a "window" of the letter. Place the opposite color doilie behind the doilie that has the letter cut out, and glue together (Using a Glue Stick)!

Punch two holes at the top and lace the doilies through. I hung my banner on our family room wall up on the pole. My letters are not moving at all, but I am noticing that the lette "E" is curling inward. I am simply going to glue the edge of that doilie to the ribbion to flatten out!

Whoa Lah!

Love Clips for the Cup

Just like I said " Love Clips for the Cup" that's exactly what I made! Andy and I are having a little Valentine's Day Party this year, so I guess in all honestly this is what sparked my motivation for making and creating so many Valentine's Day decor this year.... okay let's face it, I probably would have done this anyway! :)

I wanted to make some kind of clips for everyone to clip onto their cups.

I started with HARD Red & White Felt (not the soft, flimsy kind) I used a cookie cutter to trace the hearts and then cut them out.

Using a hot glue gun ( my secret crush) I glued on a clothes pin to the back of each heart. After learning as I go, be sure to glue the clothes pin closer to the BOTTOM of the hearts, this way you'll have room to hole punch a hole above the clothespin. As you can see below, this is exactly what NOT to do :) The clothespin is way to far up to punch any hole through! :O

I then cut out hearts from plain white and red paper. Side note, I again folded the paper in half and cut free hand hearts ( they will have a slight crease down the middle). On each paper heart I wrote out Love words, if you will :) Not cute, but sexy words instead! After all, this is an adult only party! :)

Lastly, I punched my holes through the felt and paper hearts together and tied a ribbon through the hole to hold the hearts together! Alternate by using red on white and white on red.

Kitchen Lamp Banner Strings

This banner was made at the very last minute! This also only takes about 5-10 minutes to make!! Added a touch of love to my kitchen in minutes :)

Start by cutting hearts out of any color paper, I used Red & White. I folded the paper with a crease and cut free hand hearts ( This way the hearts all have a crease right down the middle).

I then took two pieces of long ribbon ( I used a light brown, thin ribbon).

Placing a white heart on one side of the piece of ribbon and a red heart on the other side of the ribbon ( up against one another, back to back) I stapled the hearts to the ribbon.

I left only about 2 inches between sets of hearts.

Next hang the ribbons around your lamp! I also added a little touch and added bows to the ends of all 4 strands with staple! I love my bows!

Petite Love Banner

Okay, I must admit... I LOVE V-day! No matter what the situation is, it just feels as though more Love is in the air and people are wearing more smiles on this day!

I wanted to bring some love into our home with some cute Valentine's day decor! So here you go!

Banner 1 of 2 ;)

I started this banner by tracing a bunch of hearts by using a FREE heart template on google.

I cut out hearts on all my Red, Pink and White scrapbook paper, not even card stock, just regular! I got a little crazy and went with pinkish design paper!

I then punched two holes through the tops of all the hears, and laced a piece of ribbon through all the hearts, alternation the color of hearts. I made this banner as long as my bathroom mirror is. Next, I cut out free hand X & O's (just 2 of each). With a glue stick, I glued the letters onto the middle hearts, reading " X O X O". Lastly, I hung the banner! With just a little scotch tape ( hiding the tape behind the end hearts). I tied on two red bows to the ends and called it a day!

"Bear Hugs"

Being that "Love is in the Air" and it's almost Valentine's Day.. I thought I'd go ahead and get started on Peyton's P.E.S.T. gifts! ( P.E.S.T. means a secret Teacher appreciation person) Peyton has 3 P.E.S.T. teachers to whom we make gifts, cards, treats etc. for. We appreciate what ALL the staff does at his school.

I saw this CUTE idea from On Tulip Trail , I had to make my own!

I started with purchasing 3 jars from the Good ol' Dollar Tree! Hey, what can I say they were only a buck each! I wanted to use actual glass jars, but I couldn't find any at the time at Goodwill. Plus, being that my son is in the infant/toddler room, I would hate for the teachers to drop them and break in the classroom! Eeek!

Next, I bought 2 bags of Hershey's Hugs and 1 box of Teddy Grahams.
(This is pending on how big your Jars are, and how full you want them!)

It's Easy Peasy from here! I filled my jars, with bears on bottom and Hugs on top.

I made little tags for each jar, hole punched the corner and tied on a cute Valentine's ribbon.

...and Ta-Da, You're done!! Cute and EASY!! :)

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