February 11, 2010

Petite Love Banner

Okay, I must admit... I LOVE V-day! No matter what the situation is, it just feels as though more Love is in the air and people are wearing more smiles on this day!

I wanted to bring some love into our home with some cute Valentine's day decor! So here you go!

Banner 1 of 2 ;)

I started this banner by tracing a bunch of hearts by using a FREE heart template on google.

I cut out hearts on all my Red, Pink and White scrapbook paper, not even card stock, just regular! I got a little crazy and went with pinkish design paper!

I then punched two holes through the tops of all the hears, and laced a piece of ribbon through all the hearts, alternation the color of hearts. I made this banner as long as my bathroom mirror is. Next, I cut out free hand X & O's (just 2 of each). With a glue stick, I glued the letters onto the middle hearts, reading " X O X O". Lastly, I hung the banner! With just a little scotch tape ( hiding the tape behind the end hearts). I tied on two red bows to the ends and called it a day!

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