December 1, 2009

Mulling Spice Bags

I fell in love with this idea from Blue Cricket Designs I just had to make my own!

I started with brown paper lunch bags from the grocery store.
Inside the bag I put: 1 orange, 1 box of apple juice, and 1 plastic baggie of the spices

Inside the Spice Bag included:
1 Tablespoon Ground Cinnamon
1 Tablespoon Ground Nutmeg
1 Tablespoon Ground Clove

I added red ribbon to each of the contents including rolling the spice bag up with a bow!
Folded down the brown bag and punched a hole through the top.
Tied the bag with a ribbon with a card that read:

"Enjoy the warmth of the Holidays while the scent of simmering Spices fill your home! Slice the orange and simmer them on low in Apple Juice along with the contents of the spice bag! Add a
small amount of water each hour to continue the aroma!"

Do simple, but cute!! Peyton's Teachers Loved it!!!

Christmas Ornaments

These are very easy and very affordable! The best of both worlds if you ask me:)
I started with purchasing the "do it yourself" clear bulbs sold at Michael's, they come in different size packs. I bought the Large ones first, then when I went back to get more, those were sold out so I then bought the small ones. They actually both worked out pretty good, but the large ones are definitely better!
I first poured glitter down the top so it sat pretty at the bottom. Please note that I think the trick is to buy more expensive glitter so the glitter doesn't "stick" to the sides like static!
I then cut my son's picture into circles, I guessed on the size-holding his picture up to the bulb. For his teachers I cute one picture, and on the other side I typed a bible verse and the year in the shape of a circle the same size as the picture.
I cut two different pictures for each of the bulbs. I then placed ribbon in between the two pictures and glued the pictures together leaving a ribbon tail at the TOP. Once the pictures were completely dry, I then rolled the photos and squeezed them through the top, tying the tail of the ribbon around the top after looping around a few times, hot glued the ribbon down and stuck the bulb top back on with hot glue.
Now, its decorating time!! Get crazy, and get creative! I used feathers, and jewels to cover the bulbs!* Don't forget to write the year, somewhere on the bulb! Everybody loved these bulbs!!
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