February 1, 2010

Valentines' day Germ Fighters

This has truly been one of my favorites! The germ freak that I am, these were right up my alley! A girlfriend at work told me about this idea and I came up with my "own" touches to make it a bit unique!
This is VERY affordable, cute and even fights germs!! :)
I picked up hand sanitizer bottles at the dollar tree,
the most important tip I can give, is to be sure that there is nothing actually printed on the front of the bottle! You need to
remove the label, and if need be use goo-gone or soap and water to remove all the adhesive. Once removed, its simple- decorate!! I use black swirl and valentine decals that I had from my
collection!! I added silver puffy paint as well. I tied different colored red ribbons on each bottle, giving it its own touch. These are fun to make, but best of all helpful for Peyton's teachers!

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