November 1, 2009

Diaper Cake

This was my very first diaper cake I ever made, next time I think I might make a few changes to make it even easier!

You will need:
1 pack of diapers
1 pack of clear rubber bands
1 pack of skewers ( for shish kabobs)
3 long pieces of ribbon (more, pending on how many layers of cake you want)

I started my cake with 1 pack of newborn swaddler diapers, you can use whatever diapers you want! Next I rolled all the diapers individually. To roll the diapers, roll them so the front of the diapers are inside the roll.
Next, I learned quickly that regular scotch tape doesn't hold the diaper from unrolling so I suggest little clear rubber bands.
Once all the diapers are rolled start the first layer of the cake, shape in a circle the size you want the bottom layer to be. I then tied one ribbon around the entire bunch of diapers to hold tightly (might need a extra hand, thank goodness my husband was willing to help! :)
I then went on to the next layer of cake, doing the same exact thing. This time I stuck the skewers into the middle layer down to the bottom layer ( sharp end going down into the cake). As well, I did the same thing with the top layer. The key to my cake is the skewers. Making sure
they wont "wiggle" their way off. I topped my cake off with real light pink roses. Leaving a two inch stem I stuck them in throughout the cake!
This cake was made for my girlfriend Lauren, she was having a baby girl and we threw her a surprise tea party!

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