February 23, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

I decided to make a St. Patrick's day wreath this year being that I don't have one darn decoration for dear St. Patty's day!? What the heck!? I must make more!!! hehe
I started this wreath by purchasing a Styrofoam circle wreath from Michael's. I wanted to check out the dollar store but I didn't have time. I bought this one for $6 bucks. I had so many left over "brown lunch bags" from making my mulling spice bags that I thought I would somehow put them to good use!
I cut out different size wavy like circles out of the lunch bags. I folded the lunch bags in 3's so this went by faster- cutting three out at a time.

Next, I glued the wavy circles to the Styrofoam wreath. Using the end of the pencil, I paced it in the middle of the circle, applied Hot Glue ( my crush ;) to the opposite side and stuck it to the wreath! I filled my wreath the max, making it appear MUCH larger :)

I cut out Shamrocks on to two different green patterns. Hot glued the shamrocks on to the brown paper bag circles. Tied a beautiful thick bow on... and Ta- Da! Done!!


Nic said...

This is so cute! I'm diggin' the paper bag "flowers"! Endless possibilities with this. Even with the $6 wreath from Michaels, it's a totally affordable craft. And yea, good tip on folding the bags, because it looks like it took forever to cut all those!

And you've gotta show me how you did you buttons on your side bar. This blogging thing is getting super addictive. : )

Tiffany said...

I love it! And what a good idea to use the paper bags! I have a lot of paper bags left over too, I might have to try this project!!

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